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Super Monocote color-codes

After many years building models with composite fuselages and wings of balsa-sheeted foam-cores I have come up with a set of color-codes to get a match between the painted fuselage and the SuperMonocote covered wings.  I have of course not used all the different colors that the Monocote is available in, only the ones I have used.  Please, if anybody can supplement this list I guess that more people than myself would appreciate it.

Monocote name Chip RAL-code NCS-code Akzo-code
True red           3000 2175-Y89R  
Cub Yellow           1003 0977-Y14R  
Teal           5021 3949-B38G  
Saphire ble           5002    
Missile red           2002    
White           0610    
Royal blue               S4550-R80B
Yellow (lemon)               S1080-Y