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OS FS 200 FI

12 June 2007 : I had to focus on stable practice with only one model before Bingscupen, but today was the day for the first flights. I made two flights both with the same APC 17x12N prop that I used for initial running.  First of all, there is a tremendous amount of power available with this engine. Most of the flights were done at reduced throttle setting, but I had to give it full power a few times to get an impression of the potential. I have never seen an Oxalys going this fast vertically. After the flight I checked the MAX RPM detected by the ECU during the flight, it was a whopping 9080 !  After the flights I did a static run with a normal APC 18x10, the maximum RPM detected by the ECU was now 8820 !. My conclusions are that both these two propellors are too small and that the obvious issue with this engine is how to control all this power without A : flying too fast and loosing smothness and gracefullness and B : failing the noise-test (without cheating). I have some other props that I would like to test, and I have ordered some of the new APC-props (18x11 and 18.5x9.5) and will postpone further testing until I have all these alternatives available.  As I see it today I might end up looking for a suitable 3-bladed prop, maybe a 17x10 3-blader will be able to absorb all the power?

26 May 2007 : After some minor modifications to the engine mount, one OS FS200S-FI is now mounted into one of my old and trusty Oxalys models. Have not had time to testfly it yet, just some static running.  It started and ran very nice out of the box using the Hatori 828 header and 824-muffler supplied by OS.  I used fuel with 15% Aerosyth Competition oil and 20% Nitro (from JeRo fuel in Norway), and an APC 17x12N for initial running.  From this first test I can only say that this is a powerfull engine, running just lean enough for even running the RPM was above 8500.  The level of vibration was not as bad as I feared, it seems to be a very smooth running engine.  

15 May 2007 : I just received this from OS today, it will be mounted into one of my Oxalys models instead of the OS 140RX FI that has sat there so far.  I will come back with more info and experience later, but for now enjoy the pictures.