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Weight of propeller

With the newer F3A-models with huge fuselages and/or more wings the 5kg limit can be a challenge.  The common trick is to use a smaller battery in competitions to be legal, and a more practical and bigger one for practice.  There are other possibilities, for instance the propeller.  Even though APC electric are lighter that the ones for IC-engines they are quite heavy.  Presented below are the weight of different sizes of propellers for electric motors, both APC and competing brands are presented.  Of course there are a lot of other brands and sizes available, the ones presented below is just a selection of what I hade available to be measured.  Please remember that weight is not everything, as long as your plane is within regulations there is no reason to buy an expensive carbon stick. The APC propellers are absolutely among the very best when comparing thrust in relation to power extracted from the battery. 

PS all measured weights are in g.